Redeem India Resources Program

Redeem India Resource Program provides monetary aid to responsible guardian of the child to help them pay for their children's food, education, medical care and other necessities under direct supervision of Redeem India regional office. Your decision to help a child will shape the destiny of a child and bring a transformation in the nation.

You Can Transform Lives…!

Help Us Educate 5,000 Children

It is a huge task to think of educating the street, abandon, orphan (35 million) and poorer children of a thickly populated country like India where 5.2 million are affected by HIV/AIDS and more than 11 Million just live on streets. However, it is like eating an elephant bite by bite so to accomplish whatever we can together!

Our target is to raise educational support for 5,000 Indian children in the next 25 years. While there is great need for helping the children with educational resources like tuition and books, it is a great challenge to motivate and divert the wayward children from mischief, gang and begging to morally, educationally and spiritually sound.

There are several ways we can adopt a child~

1) Become a mother or father by demonstrating your love in action (provide $25/month). This provides shelter and food in children home settings.

2) Transform a life by sponsoring child's education for 10 years ($15/month). This will provide necessasary educational resources to those ambitious children whose destination you can shape.

3) Become a life-giver to dying children of disease by your one-time gift ($500) for treatment, medicine, surgery or hospitalization

About Karuna Kammasatti Story

Karuna has a pitiful life story to tell. Karuna and her grandmother are from Anathavaram village in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Along with her grandmother, Karunaa came to Redeem India to tell her story and seek financial help to fulfill her ambitions to serve the church and society.

Karuna family was predominantly tribal who lived on piggery. People who take care of pigs in this area are considered unclean, dirty and usually isolated. They worshipped the nature and the idols rooted in Hinduism though not part of Hindu religion.

Though her parents were initially resistant to the Gospel, they accepted Jesus Christ in 2000 who allowed her to attend the church. Karuna has gradually drawn herself close to Jesus in her own convictions. She has strengthened her faith on Jesus and boldly stands for Jesus in front of her friends in the village.

Due to HIV/AIDS Karuna lost her father in 2004 and mother in 2011. Now she lives in a thatched-mud house with her grandmother who runs a small chicken shop which cannot promise them daily food. Karuna trusts that Jesus would carry her through though she has nobody to care for her and old grandmother has very little to offer.

Karuna Kammasatti

  • Name Karuna Kammasatti
  • Lives by Lives on Piggery and Chicken Shop
  • Parents Sreenu and Subbu Laxmi (Both died of AIDS)
  • Age16
  • Studying 8th Grade
  • Siblings Become a doctor to serve the community
  • Hobbies Singing and Reading

Donate Now

Investing in Karuna’s life is investing in the nation and in the kingdom of God because she has an ambition to become a doctor and serve the suffering communities embodying Christ.

Would you like to sponsor this child ? You may also choose from the list of children above. Please pray for the children of India